Advanced English Grammar with Answers

Advanced English Grammar Paperback By Martin Hewings

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This book explains the grammar rules, explains confusing and seemingly contradictory rules, defines the different concepts and also provides exercises for practice. As it is for advanced students, this book just provides concise explanations and then provides a set of practice exercises. The book focuses on many topics like grammatical patterns, grammatical contrasts, and many more. It explores grammatical patterns like ‘will be – ing’ (like will be leaving), grammatical contrasts like whether to use ‘would’ or ‘used to’ in past tense constructs, and whether to use ‘except’ or ‘except for’. The book contains more than 100 units of grammar concept explanations. Each unit consists of two pages. It is designed so that each unit is concise and to the point. The book is laid out in this format, the left hand page contains explanations of grammar concepts with examples, while the right hand page contains practice exercises. The book is designed so that students can choose which unit they want to revise and practice. It is not necessary to work through the book in the order it is laid out. As this is a study and revision guide, it is assumed students already have a good knowledge of English grammar. If the students choose to start with a unit in the middle of the book, they will still find it complete and self-contained for the topic it is discussing. So, students can concentrate on those topics they have difficulty in understanding, or topics that are a little confusing and need to be clarified again through examples and exercises. Answer keys are provided at the end of the book for the exercises in each chapter. There is a grammar review section at the end of the book that reviews grammar concepts that the students would have studied in earlier classes. This is a complete revision and workout guide for advanced students of English, for students who have already studied English grammar.

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