DanTDM: Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal Hardcover by DanTDM

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From the mind of one of the most popular YouTubers of all time, DanTDM comes a graphic novel adventure that reimagines the Minecraft-style worlds and characters he’s created as you’ve never seen them before.

After a day of experiments, Trayaurus and DanTDM are about to call it a night when a strange-looking crystal plummets to earth, breaking into five pieces that scatter far and wide. DanTDM and Trayaurus recover one of the shards and quickly realize they are in possession of an object more powerful than anything they’ve ever known.

Word reaches DanTDM and Trayaurus that other pieces of crystal have been recovered—a group of pigs has harnessed the crystals’ power to enable them to talk. But they’re not alone—Dan and Trayaurus’s archenemy, Denton, has also found a shard and manipulated its power for evil. He has created a cloning machine and is producing a terrifying marauding army intent on hunting down the remaining crystals in his effort to become all-powerful.

It’s down to DanTDM and Trayaurus to stop him. Will they prevail, or will the forces of evil be too great for them to overcome?

Fans of the Elementia Chronicles and the Gameknight999 series will be drawn to DanTDM’s tale about an epic power struggle in a high-stakes world.

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