How To Win Friends And Influence People By DALE CARNEGIE

How To Win Friends And Influence People Author DALE CARNEGIE

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It is universally acknowledged that Dale Carnegie∩╛Ès timeless creation How to Win Friends and Influence People is one of the best books ever written on interpersonal skills. One of the core ideas presented in his books is that it is possible to change other people∩╛Ès behaviour by changing one∩╛Ès own behaviour towards them. Released in 1936, this international bestseller has sold more than 15 million copies. Many famous and successful people readily admit that they owe much to Dale Carnegie for their phenomenal success. This book will teach you the art of building genuine and lasting relationships, including: v How to make a striking first impression v How to make people instantly like you v How to criticize tactfully and not be hated for it v How to make people happily do what you want them to do v How to be a pleasant conversationalist.

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