Sndway SW-T100 100m Laser Distance Meter 100m/328ft Digital Distance Meter Laser Range Finder Distance Area Volume Measurement SW T100

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MODEL: SW-T100 SKU: DigitalLaserRangefinder100M
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Product Manufacturer SNDWAY


Sndway SW-T100 100m Laser Distance Meter 100m/328ft Digital Distance Meter Laser Range Finder Distance Area Volume Measurement SW T100

  • Original Sndway
  • with LCD display design
  • Data store/recall & hold/clear function
  • With air bubble level for precise measure
  • Application: for office, industrial, education, home tool

Description: The Laser distance meter is specially designed to measure the distance precisely. It comes with the function of measuring AREA, VOLUME, ADDITION, SUBTRACTION easily. It can also store 30 data. The laser distance meter is hand-held and easy to operate. You can measure the distance in Metric / Imperial.

Feature: Buzzer indication IP54 (dust and splash) Bubble Level including Indication of battery status Function Data store / recall

Acurracy: ±2mm ( 0.079 inch) Compact and practical design Multifunction smart calculation Auto / Manual power off function Single / Continuous measurement Data retention / Data delete function Establish in advance benchmark / rear Easy targeting with bright laser pointer Easy Addition / Subtraction Measurement Automatic calculation of area and volume Distance tracking Max / Min (display value) Indirect measurement Pythagorean Theorem Selectable meters (m), inches (in) and feet (ft) Automatic correction technology and error report Large LCD display with backlight and multi-line (4 lines) screen Instantaneous measurement of distance, area and volume with a button operation


Model: SW-T100
Auto off: 150S
Laser Class: Class 2
Laser Auto off: 20S
dust and splash water: IP 54
Acurracy: ± 2 mm ( 0.079 inch) Maximum

Laser Output: <1mW Range: 0.2 to 100m(0.65 to 328ft) Storage temperature: -20 to 60°C (14 to 140°F) Operating temperature: 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F) Power supply: 1.5V AAA battery*2 (NOT including) Dimension/Weight: 112*50*25mm (4.41×1.97×0.99 inch)/aprox. 250g

Function: – Real Time measurement of distance, area & volume and continuous measurement – Easy Addition / Subtraction of measurement, Set up front / rear benchmark with Air bubble level for precise measure, – Data store / recall function, Data hold / data clear function, fast response time about 0.35 s and up to 30 units data storage – Ideal for home, construction and industries, especially in large areas such as rooms, apartments, buildings, real estates, factories, warehouses, etc.

Packing List: User Manual*1 Portable bag*1 Hanging rope*1 Laser Distance Meter*1


Size/Dimensions112*50*25mm (4.41*1.97*0.99 inch)
TypeDistance Measurement
FeaturesAutomatic calculation of distance, area and volume
AccuracyRange: 0.2 to 100m(0.65 to 328ft)
Battery Type1.5V AAA Battery*2 (NOT included)

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