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Speak Better Write Better

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For both academic and professional use, the book is a step-by-step guide to help one speak and write better English. Whether one wants to overcome his fears while speaking the language or simply polish the knowledge of English, this book will surely help one to build on skills to stand up in front of any audience. Written by Norman Lewis, world∩╛Ès renowned author and grammarian, the book is divided into different programs to improve grammar so that one remains in a position to express his ideas while speaking and writing. Different programs included in the book are Build Your Vocabulary, Avoid Pronunciation Errors, Sharpen Your Spellings, Improve Your Grammar and Express Your Ideas Clearly and Correctly. This step-by-step guide along with the different programs given in the book, one can easily stand in front of audience. After thoroughly going through the book and understanding every concept in the book, one can also avoid doing embarrassing mistakes in grammar. It can help to prevent mistakes in grammar, misspelling and mispronouncing of words and over-usage of same words again and again. With the help of this English grammar book, one can increase their chances for success in school, job or any other important event. For improving the vital communication skills, the book also contains challenging exercises to help one monitor his performance. Using this effective handbook, the reader can test his own problem areas in English and own a good precision and command over the language. Norman Lewis Born on 30 December, 1912 in Brooklyn, New York, Norman Lewis was an author and grammarian. He was also a lexicographer and etymologist. While he was a student in Columbia University in 1941, he wrote his first book Journeys Through Wordland. Apart from that, he has written many books, namely, 30 Days to Better English, Dictionary of Word Power, Speak Better, Write Better and Rapid Vocabulary Builder, among others.

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