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Think & Grow Rich  By Napoleon Hill, ISBN 9788188452347

Think And Grow Rich is a book that teaches an individual from all walks of life, various motivational and personal developmental skills. Inspired by a Scottish-American business man andrew Carneige, the author Napoleon Hill talks about the road to becoming rich and the bumps and the straight roads that any individual might face. This book explains how people in all lines of work can reach where ever they want in life, with the right amount of determination. The first edition of this book was published during the Great Depression in 1937, which helped the population recover from the financial crisis. Think And Grow Rich talks about the 13 laws that go into achieving success and wealth. Some of the 13 steps listed in the book are, desire, faith, imagination, power of the mastermind, the subconscious mind and the sixth sense After some analysis, it has been found that this book has helped a mass section of the public to become rich and wealthy, improving their financial status to a large extent. Andrew Carneige, the man who inspired Hill, also played a major role in bringing success to the book. This book was published in 2004 by Embassy Books and is available in paperback. Key Features Think And Grow Rich has sold over 13 million copies globally. It is the biggest selling of Napoleon Hill’s books. It ranked number six in Business Week’s bestseller list and it remained number six even after 70 years of being published.

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