Train Your Brain by Ryuta Kawashima – Paperback

Train Your Brain by Ryuta Kawashima – Paperback

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Did you know that simple arithmetical calculations like ‘5+8’ make us use the brain a lot more than a complex problem like ‘5-(0.4/2)+3×6’ does? This book answers why. Dr. Kawashima, a prominent neurologist in Japan, developed this programme of daily simple brain exercises that can help boost brain power, improve memory and stave off the mental effects of ageing. It explains: How reading, writing and listening to music affects our brain. How physical motion activates the brain. Where are memories located? What activity of the brain causes likes and dislikes? How the mind is related to the brain. Will brain transplantation be possible in the future? It is never too late to begin building a better brain! Unlock the mysteries of your brain, to train it to function optimally and to your advantage through simple exercises that will maximize memory and better your learning capacity.

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